The book Unboss by Lars KolindI want to help business thrive in all industries.

Their greatest barrier is an obsolete mindset: the mindset of the BOSS. The mindset they need is UNBOSS, the title of my latest book co-authored with Jacob Bøtter published in 2012.

UNBOSS turns everything you know about management up-side-down with a good reason: Your mindset of management was developed in the 20th Century before the Internet, before mobile technology and before the rise of Asian economies. No wonder it is obsolete!

UNBOSS starts from a blank piece of paper and shows you a new concept of an organization, a leader, a company, sales, marketing, HR, research and development and everything else, which fits the reality of the 21st Century.

UNBOSS is not only a book, it is a movement: www.unboss.com.

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Resource material

UNBOSS, published 2012, available in English
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