Lars Kolind speaks for impact rather than applause. 

Being one of the leading speakers in the world on new concepts of leadership. Lars Kolind has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations to CEO’s and business leaders around the world.  HIs passion is to inspire companies and organizations to prosper from engaging not only their employees, but also other stakeholders with a common purpose.

Kolind is a non-powerpoint speaker and communicate well to his audience with no-nonsense straight talk. He is not the professor speaking about what other people have done; he shares his own hands-on experience through forty years as CEO and board chairman.

Kolind’s favorite topics include: 
1. Why conventional management is obsolete and what 21st century management ought to be.
2. How business can achieve sustainable competitive advantage by clarifying its purpose and living it.
3. How to be successful as an entrepreneur (Kolind has started more than 25 businesses himself)
4. Why the Chinese need to learn from the West and vice versa.
5. How to run your business with half the staff and twice the profit.

Wavelength Leadership Seminar, London, March 2014

Wavelength Leadership Seminar, London, March 2014