Lars Kolind is the author of many books, among them are these seven:

Book The Fundamentals of Scouting by LarsKolindBevægelsen, 2013 To buy (Danish only)
The book Unboss by LarsKolind UNBOSS (Co-author Jacob Bøtter), 2012,
published in English and Danish.To buy: in Danish (hard cover)  or English (Kindle or hardcover)
Book The Second Cycle by LarsKolindThe Second Cycle, 2006, published in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Thai, Swedish and Danish.To buy: in English
Book The Knowledge Society by LarsKolindThe Knowledge Society, 2000,
published in Danish (Vidensamfundet).To buy (Danish only)

spejderarbejderThe Fundamentals of Scouting
, 1989, 1994, 1999,
published in Danish (Spejderarbejde – hvad er det?)To buy (Danish only)
Book Kort Om Kristendom by Lars KolindChristianity in brief (Co-author Jørgen Rønnow), 1985, 1990, 1993, 1995, published in Danish (Kort om kristendom).(Out of print)
Book Life in the Patrol by Lars KolindLife in the Patrol – Handbook for Patrol Leaders 1977, 1983,
published in Danish (Patruljeliv – håndbog for Patruljeledere).(Out of print)

Three books have been devoted to Lars Kolind’s work:

Mette Morsing: Omstigning til Paradis – Oticon i processen fra hierarki til spaghetti, 1995 (in Danish).
Per Thygesen Poulsen: Tænk det Utænkelige – Revolutionen i Oticon 1993 (in Danish).
Mette Morsing, Kristian Eiberg: Managing the Unmanageable for a decade 1998 (in English).

Hundreds of books and articles have featured Kolind’s work including
Tom Peters: Liberation Management 1992.

Kolind has given numerous lectures about his work around the world. Sample videos:
Introduction to UNBOSS at Zurich Minds 2012
The Company of the Future is a Movement, in Copenhagen 2012
Lecture on new business management from South Africa at the African Entrepreneur channel
Lecture at University of Stellenbosch South Africa 2011
Panel debate from Rebuild21 in Copenhagen 2012